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Sending faxes from NGN or Sisha

Sending Faxes from NGN, Sisha, etc

If your service provider is Siyathuthuka Networks, please click here for instructions

If you are with another service provider other than Siyathuthuka Networks, such as NGN or Sisha,  you are on the correct page and you may continue down this page

  1. Step 1 –  If you do nor have a fax number, please click here
  2. Step 2 –
    a) If you are a business, please click here for bank details and instructions
    b) If you are an individual, please click here to bank details and instructions
  3. Step 3 – how much does it cost?
    Download this file to get the rates and see how much it will cost you to send faxes
  4. Step 4 – step by step on how to send faxes
    Download this file for instructions on how to send your faxes


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